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We engage with organisations that are keen to generate a spirit of curiosity and self-determination in response to uncertain and ambiguous environments. We relish working with people who want to develop their skills and talents and play a decisive role in social, institutional and organisational change.

In our world-view, organisations are more like eco-systems than machines. We co-design and do organisational change work through facilitating multi-facetted conversations that enhance leadership, transform cultures and confront outmoded ways of organising.

By constantly blending practice and critical reflection,
we position ourselves as scholarly practitioners who go beyond the obvious to construct more fluid, robust and meaningful ways of collaborating together.

“Problematising qualitative research in organisations” published in Qualitative Research and Management: An International Journal has been selected by the journal’s editorial team as the Outstanding Paper in the 2017 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.

Health and Professional Services
State or Semi State Agencies
Practice Based Academy
Activism or Social Change


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Our Expertise

  • Strategy design and implementation
  • Capacity building for contemporary leadership
  • Facilitation and civic engagement
  • Advances in practice based academy
  • Articulation of identity, values and culture
  • Large scale systemic influence and change