Here in Temple Street Children’s University Hospital, the whole organisation is on a learning journey to build our confidence to work more and more through a culture of engagement.

Mona Baker CEO Temple Street University Children’s Hospital




Corporate Community under the leadership of Dr Liz Hayes has supported  bespoke organisational development here over a ten year period, working with senior managers and cross-sections of staff from all levels. During this time, as an organisation, we have enhanced our understanding of our culture, our values, our dynamic context-internal and external, and the implications of these for us individually and for our respective roles. CC’s unique impact is achieved through ensuring mutually  respectful relationships. Their commitment to confronting ‘difficult questions’ is matched with a sustained passion for releasing the capacity of the whole system by creating the conditions for real engagement, listening and learning together.

Anne McNeely DCEO and Head of Organisational Development Beaumont Hospital




I have worked with Liz for a year; in that time she has supported me to explore new ways of creating space that allows positive change for men in distress to take place. My conversations with Liz help me to think more strategically and creatively, but most importantly, they result in unearthing ideas that go beyond what I thought possible. Constantly inquiring and exploring, which is what Liz expects. It is challenging, but the outcomes are worth it (professionally and personally). I really enjoy being mentored by Liz and would highly recommend her in this role.

Derek McDonnell, Mojo Development Specialist




Working with Liz and the wider team from Corporate Community is more than just signing a contract for a piece of work. They draw out the hidden potential of an organisation through the engagement of staff at all levels and through the use of unconventional methods to draw out and address age old problems. They immerse themselves wholly and completely to get the absolute best for you and your organisation, an experience I found both refreshing and humbling. They have a unique ability to gently probe and encourage, to always strive for the best. The work takes you and your organisation on a journey which at times is emotional, confusing and challenging, but always you will have full faith and trust in the process.So why I hear you ask would you put yourself through this? Well, simply, the results are truly amazing. The status quo of the organisation will be positively changed. There will be no going back, and the achievements reached will be far beyond your wildest expectations.

Suzanne Dempsey, Director of Nursing, Children’s Hospital Group