Why Corporate Community?

Corporate Community customises new approaches for maximising whole organisation thinking and civic engagement. We foster that ‘stretch’ with leaders who genuinely want to be in dialogue with colleagues and find more sustainable ways to change organisations and their context. Building on over twenty-five years of expertise in our organisational development practice, supporting people to pause, think and act more courageously, Corporate Community now offers:
  • Extensive knowledge drawn from our passion for rigorous learning about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of working with organisations in practice.
  • Carefully planned organisation wide capacity building that puts leaders and their teams in the driving seat when it comes to realising the success of their endeavours
  • Access to diverse networks and relationships that allows us to cross-fertilise thinking from people who are committed activists determined – for example – to hold communities to account for the extent of violence against women to corporate teams paving the way for better health re-form and the more effective use of resources.
  • Prospective collaborators can trust Corporate Community to be up to date of the contexts in which organisations work and the latest trends in organising and doing strategy. Every organisation is seen as a unique entity that contains all that it requires to see the patterns and dynamics that enable it to make sense of and respond to its own environment.
  • Corporate Community is all about unleashing potential and daring to trust the organisation’s biggest resource – its culture and its people.