What holds us together?

The current team at Corporate Community is led by Dr Liz Hayes, director and one of the founding members of the practice. While coming from diverse backgrounds we choose to work together because:
  • The interplay between disciplines, organisational functions, communities, stakeholder and sectors is an underexplored territory when it comes to making change happen across these interfaces. We get energised through figuring out and working with these less familiar modes of organising.
  • An organisation cannot be disconnected from its context. This suggests that ‘organising’ involves a complex set of relationships that work through formal and informal social processes and operate in messy, unpredictable ways. We think that people know this instinctively and there is a huge liberation in coming from this perspective.
  • Its takes courage and a willingness to take risks and improvise in order to make sense of one’s surroundings. We are confident that we do this more sensibly and respectfully when we work together and use our different experiences to create these new realities.


The Team The Key Associates
Dr Liz Hayes
Margaret Barry
Marie Carroll
Seamus O’Leary
Elfie Rocher
Dr Clare Hopkinson
Dr Alan Taylor