Our Team

Dr Liz Hayes, Director, Corporate Community

Liz brings a wealth of experience to her role as a ‘practitioner academic’ when she assists organisations and communities to create the conditions and cultures that enable them to blend strategy, critical reflection, action and human connection in imaginative and new ways. Leaders and collaborators benefit from her innovative approaches in developing organisational leadership and more creative and energised work environments.

A highly successful Organisational Development Practitioner for more than 25 years, Dr Liz Hayes is the Founder and Director of Corporate Community.

Liz leads an expert team of consultants with complementary backgrounds, collectively bringing solid analysis; a deep understanding of organisations; along with innovation, creativity and passion, underpinned with integrity and loyalty to the work. Liz is widely recognised as a wise and creative Strategist, Change Management Expert, and Mentor/Advisor to CEOs and Leadership teams. With deep knowledge about organisation studies and proven academic achievement, Liz is an innovative and critical thinker whose work is under-pinned by the belief that sustainable organisational development requires maximum participation in conversations that ask “ big picture” and “ why “ questions. With leadership and critically reflexive research interests – Liz is ‘the Facilitator that likes to encourage groups to surprise themselves with the depth of their own skill and insight!’


Margaret Barry, Senior Consultant, Corporate Community

Margaret_Barry Margaret has been an associate with Corporate Community for the past ten years. In that context and as her own practice has developed, she’s welcomed the opportunity to pursue her interests by being part of a reflective, multi-disciplinary team, adopting learning approaches to working with organisations and communities, across a range of organisational sectors – developing a constantly adapting practice.

Key skills include excellent facilitation – in a variety of contexts and, in particular, with large groups; reflection, analysis, strategic thinking and report writing; interpersonal and communication skills. She has regularly supported development of locally appropriate strategies towards the implementation of national policies and been engaged in drawing on local experiences for the development of national policy and advice.

Working in the Combat Poverty Agency as a projects manager, Margaret became skilled at making effective connections between planning strategic programmes and projects, their design and implementation, evaluation and policy development. Relevant areas include, local and community development, educational disadvantage, and a growing interest in services for families.

With the establishment of ADM/Pobal and the EU Peace and Poverty Programmes, Margaret’s roles have given her the opportunity to contribute to the development of cross-interests, cross- sector organisations and approaches to local development, within a national policy framework.

She particularly enjoys consulting across different sectors, and bringing relevant experience and insight of one to the other. Working with different ‘sectors’, and ‘partnerships’ offers insight and understanding as values, assumptions, professional perspectives, ways of seeing the world and the organisation are both shared and different.


Seamus O’Leary, Senior Consultant, Corporate Community

Seamus_OLeary Seamus works with Corporate Community and brings his considerable skills as a deep listener and practical organiser to the team.  He enjoys facilitating groups and encouraging people to find the bespoke solution that has the best chance of working in their particular context. He is currently working on a couple of organisational mergers in childcare contexts with Corporate Community. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

He has spent most of his working life working in the state and voluntary sectors as both an employee and external consultant. Seamus has specialised in HR and Management consultancy for the past ten years, leaning heavily on his work in the voluntary and state sectors as well as a strong commitment to community development principals and practical solutions to organisational issues. His work has also included the resourcing and management of numerous organisations, as an external and internal Consultant/Manager. His relevant skills and competencies include:

  • Design and Implementation of complex consultation programmes
  • Vast experience in the formation and leadership of programme teams
  • Development and support of work plans
  • Hands-on approach to working with community initiatives
  • Fully committed to inclusive approaches to problem solving

Key achievements include:

  • Member of the National Advisory Group to the Minister for the Community Development Programme 1996-1998
  • Completion of community research and studies in both Skibbereen and Macroom resulting in significant state investment towards construction and development of local resource centres in both areas
  • Management and support of multi-functioning and multi disciplinary teams directly and on a consultative basis.


Marie Carroll, Senior Consultant, Corporate Community

Seamus_OLeary A highly respected Organisational Development Consultant, Leadership Coach and well regarded former CEO of Southside Partnership; Marie Carroll brings expertise in leadership, team development and strategy to Corporate Community. With her background training and decades of experience working with the inter- relationships and boundaries within and between systems, her capacity to address conflict and resistance is highly developed.

Marie has worked with many organisations experiencing the challenges of restructuring and reform along with the demands of budgetary, regulatory and political environments. With highly developed skills in partnership and integrated working, she has primarily worked in health and social services and in community and local development organisations. (In earlier years as a former social worker and community development worker, she was a founder member of community based organisations and networks responding to the needs of individuals, groups and families living in more marginalised communities.)

Trained in the Tavistock Institute London, Marie brings a whole-system psychodynamic relational approach to organisations, informed by her practical experience and technical expertise both as a Consultant and a Senior Manager. This coupled with her understanding of the psychodynamics of the interplay between individuals, teams, management, governance bodies and her experience of the wider political system results in a rich multifaceted contribution to Boards, staff and leaders across the whole organisation.

Marie is competent at seeing the change as part of a cycle, and adept at identifying how the resolution of one phase of culture change and OD work opens up another. In her view, “OD interventions leading to the ‘Cured Organisation’ are a myth, and more realistic and commendable, is when organisations commit on an ongoing basis to engage with the emergent issues and challenges as they arise. There are moments in time when there is a readiness in the system, whether individual, team, or organisation as a whole to shift and embrace culture change.” As an OD specialist, one is tuned into these moments and can maximise their potential. In addition, OD consultants can assist in generating such conditions within which readiness can be created.

In a voluntary capacity, Marie is on the Board of One in Four, The Irish Group Relations Organisation and is on the Governing Body of the Institute of Art Design and Technology.


Elfie Rocher, Corporate Community
With a background in advertising and media before coming to Ireland fourteen years ago, fulfilling the Corporate Community office / finance manager role is combined with Elfie Rocher’s unique talent for graphic recording of Large Group Conversations.

Since successfully completing her training in Canada as a Visual Practitioner in Graphic Facilitation for Large Groups in 2006, Elfie has joined the Corporate Community team for consultations, visual planning and review of events. Proving beneficial to various organisations that Corporate Community works with.

She brings her talent as a graphic facilitator, using Strategic Visioning to create powerful, visual recordings – sharing the thoughts and ideas of individual group members, while at the same time grounding the energy in the room and keeping focus on what is crucial and challenging. Through active listening, Elfie effectively captures the creativity ‘in the room’ during interventions and consultation processes, supporting the change process.

By tracking important themes, Elfie is able to create a milestone, with colourful visuals, that serve as a vibrant communication of the vision & strategy in a way that is understood and owned, bringing alignment and follow through by diverse stakeholder groups.

The other side of the coin:
Elfie is also ‘the Project Manager that keeps Corporate Community focused and organised!’
Being an integral part of the team, she is responsible for supporting, developing and implementing efficient administration and financial systems, as well as maintaining the company website and database. Project management of timesheets, and related costs and fees for purposes of invoicing clients. Organising of events and conferences.



Key Associates

Alan Taylor, PhD, Key Associate, Corporate Community
Alan-Taylor Alan completed his PhD thesis, Queering the Organisation, in 2009, having worked with Liz Hayes and Clare Hopkinson within a small group under the tutelage of Professor Susan Weil at SOLAR, Social and Organisational Learning and Reanimation, an innovative research grouping at the University of the West of England, in Bristol.

Since then Alan works regularly with Liz and Clare in writing collaboratively, critical discussions and creative thinking regarding leadership, management and organising. Alan is now Senior Lecturer in Leadership, Management and Service Development in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Coventry University.

Drawing on action research, critical management theory, postmodernism and postfeminist thought, he explores power relationships between professionals and patients, and between professionals.

Current research projects include Improvement Science Training for European Healthcare Workers; the evaluation of an innovative redesign of patient pathways for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; the exploration of best practice in Leadership Development in Pre-registration Education; Social Entrepreneurship Development for Mental Health Professionals; and the experience of LGBT students in Higher Education in England.

He is also interested in how radical pedagogy, queer spirituality and critical leadership can support patient-led healthcare.

Dr Clare Hopkinson (PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), RGN, RNT, CHSM), Key Associate, Corporate Community
Clare_Hopkinson_1 Clare Hopkinson (PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), RGN, RNT, CHSM) is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences, University of the West of England, Bristol. Clare has over 20 years’ experience of facilitating critically reflexive action inquiry groups working with a variety of professional disciplines predominately in the NHS.

As a result of her own action research doctorate, ‘More than a good gossip: An inquiry into nurses’ reflecting in the ward’, she is interested in the embodiment of unconscious systemic dynamics and their influence on leadership and culture in the NHS. She is currently programme leader for the MSc Specialist Practice, a reviewer for the Educational Action Research Journal and a member of LAPIDUS, (literary arts for personal development) a cross disciplinary national organisation. Her work involves consultancy, evidencing work-based learning and action research projects that focus on collaborative and practice based service developments and organisational learning.

A key interest is exploring and building emotional resilience through creativity and critical reflexivity especially with nurses. She uses a range of techniques including arts based approaches to inquire and reflect on real life work-based challenges in order to encourage and enable practice and personal professional changes.

Clare is also an accomplished poet and her work is often inspired by what she sees as the underbelly of cultures and practices in healthcare contexts. This creative work and critical thinking are now given additional impetus through her collaboration and writing with Alan and Liz on matters of leadership, culture and organising in healthcare contexts.