Our Approach

Culture Change and Organisational Development

There are many different approaches to culture change and organisational development and any intervention will be informed by the values and assumptions that shape an organisational development practitioner’s practice. The Corporate Community team also have a set of starting points that guide our practice:

  • Carefully planned collaboration is driven by the need to support ‘organisation wide capacity building‘ and put leaders and their teams in the driving seat when it comes to engaging with challenges and realising success.
  • We pride ourselves on building mutually respectful relationships, being generous with our knowledge and expertise and designing tools and frameworks that sustain change and result in perceptible gain.
  • A rigorous approach to constantly learning about the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of organising in a particular context, lies at the core of our practice. Whether, our work is focused at a whole organisation level or in discreet projects, we encourage linkages and engagement across the organisation.
  • From over twenty-five years of supporting people to pause, think and act more courageously, we now have access to diverse networks, relationships and clients returning to us over several years. The impact of a more cohesive, change orientated organisation far outweighs the organisational time and costs involved in working with Corporate Community.
  • With a foot in both the practice of organisational development, change management and the academy that generates theory from the study of organisations, we are up to date on the contexts in which organisations work, the latest trends in organising and doing strategy.


Methods of Engagement

We see ‘organisations’ as robust and living communities that are part of a whole web of influences; history, culture, power struggles, social trends, personal drive and commitment.

We work with organisations to demystify change processes, helping leaders and staff to assess and use their knowledge by building on organisational strengths and realising potential at all levels.

By posing strategic questions, staff teams figure out how they want to work differently. They realise that they can’t predict and know the entire shape of the change and the outcome in advance of inquiry and engagement.

We help organisations to work across various strategic networks to convene ‘Big Group’ Conversations using ‘World Cafe’ and other creative change methodologies.

Our method of engagement might best be seen as a multi-pronged approach that starts with the ‘rough’ plan for building organisational change capacity.