Our research/practice standpoint comes from the view that we do not share an agreed philosophy, but we are accepting of the range of philosophies that each of us, and all of us, can embrace in our approach to research and practice. We embrace our various subjectivities in the face of what often seems like an overweening exercise of power in organisations. That’s why, our work can best be held in the more, gentle embrace of a post-structural feminist approach, or set of approaches to knowledge, truth and inquiry.

Our first joint paper ‘two women and a gay in a boat; completing a critically reflexive, action research, practice-led Doctorate’ (Hayes, Hopkinson, Taylor 2013) won the best paper award in the research method strand at the 14th Annual Conference of the Irish Academy of Management in Waterford.

Our first joint published paper ‘Problematising qualitative research in organisations Three voices, three subjectivities, three struggles’ Hayes, E. Hopkinson, C. Taylor, A. (2016) Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal, Vol.11 No 2,  pp.127-146. Was selected by the journal’s editorial team as the Outstanding Paper in the 2017 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.