What We Do

No matter how challenging the circumstances, our clients can be assured of a respectful engagement with their ambitions and change making concerns. We use a blend of bespoke organisational development and critical inquiry practices to help you discover the limiting mindsets and cultures that no longer serve the whole organisation.
  • Doing strategy We support senior teams in finding the language that better describes why the organisation exists, articulates its intended impact and states what it wants to offer in its particular context.
  • Facilitating conversation We encourage participants to look for patterns, notice the convergence of thinking and accept the inevitable sense of ‘disconnection’ that often occurs in more candid conversations.
  • Nurturing capacity we stay close enough to be able to bring relevance and focus and yet be on the ‘outside’ so that we can offer a fresh perspective or name the tricky organisational dynamics that probably need to be named by ‘a third party’ in the first instance.
  • Creating different relationships We safeguard the need for ‘critical learning in the action’ as organisations gain greater proficiency in ‘having the tough conversations’ that support greater staff autonomy, better organising and working across disciplines.
  • Coaching leaders who know that something different is needed and are ready for a more spirited approach when it comes to the serious business of organising and doing organisation-wide culture change. We also work with groups and organisations coming from diverse sectors over extended periods of time. We focus on building trust and confidence and learning what it takes to be a productive and mutually respectful alliance.
  • Devising relevant organisational structures and governance arrangements We point out the consequences of traditional hierarchical forms of organising and work on designing practical solutions that maximise the knowledge, expertise and confidence of staff across the whole organisation.