About Us

In these challenging times, the complexities of meeting too many demands and the exercise of power are rarely discussed openly in colleague meetings. By confidently engaging with ambiguity, Corporate Community facilitates dynamic inquiries about how context, culture and relationships impacts on people at all levels of the organisation.


Corporate Community represents both an identity and a concept. It implies building capacity so that it becomes possible to do more than change processes, procedures and structures. We encourage people to get more proficient at consciously working with the complexity of day-to-day organising. This enables a dynamic culture that contributes to overall wellbeing and organisational performance.


We convene conversations that call on knowledge drawn from the practices of research, action learning, critically reflexive social analysis, public policy formation, adult and community education, organisation studies and organisational development. Since 2000, our practice has advanced thinking around the complexity of leadership and organisational performance. We know that public service depends on civic engagement and advocacy to strengthen the social fabric of communities around the world.