Organisational Development

Definition of Organisational Development

Organisation Development is a dynamic values-based approach to systems change in organisations and communities; it strives to build the capacity to achieve and sustain a new desired state that benefits the organisation or community and the world around them. (Definition from Organisational Development Network – an international professional association of OD practitioners)

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The practice of organisational development

In Corporate Community our OD practice is constantly evolving as we work, think and engage with people in organisations.  We know that definitions of organisational development are helpful as a stepping-stone towards building connections.  However, definitions of organisational development are often contested as OD practitioners come from lots of different backgrounds with different world-views around how to be effective in organisations.  So we characterise what we do as a niche organisational development approach that involves.

  • Sustaining engagement in ways that generate energy and commitment while also knowing that it can be messy and thought provoking as people build their capacity to be more organisation-savvy.
  • Facilitating access to a diverse range of perspectives and opportunities for dialogue that is always underpinned with testing assumptions and encouraging a culture of critical questioning across the whole organisation.
  • Modelling a multi-disciplinary approach that requires learning and development, project management, strategic thinking and whole system change through using the lens of critical reflection, group dynamics, power and politics
  • Engaging positively with uncertainty through moment-by-moment listening, interaction and adjusting to new information and changes in context so as to maximise the likelihood of maximum performance and follow-through.
  • Remaining relational and experimental through a strong emphasis on creativity, story-telling, friendliness and having fun